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Cemetary and Headstone Information

If you are doing geneology on any of the families discussed on this site, you might be interested to know that nearly all of them are buried in Zane Township. The Zane Township cemetaries are very accessible and generally well taken care of [with the exception of the Curl Cemetary]. See the links below.

Heath & Cochran Families

  • Robert & Nancy Humason Cochran, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio natives. Some of the information under this bullet is sourced from the "Branches & Twigs" publication dated Winter 1982, No. 4, which reads as follows: [According to the] Family Record on pages torn out of an old Bible - there is no indication of the date of the publication. [The Bible] is in the possession of Joseph G. Butler III, Walker Mill Road, Poland, Ohio. Ed. Note: Joe Butler III died in 1981. It is assumed the Bible is in the possession of his son, Josh Butler, of Poland.

    Robert and Nancy Humason Cochran were the parents of 11 children:

    1. Cyrus Vandervort Cochran, born Feb 29, in the year of our Lord 1829. After returning to Middleburg, he lived on the Sharp Farm, with Robert and Nancy Cochran, in the Log House. Does not appear to have been married.
    2. Abigail Ann Cochran was born Nov the 19 in the year of our Lord 1831. She departed this life June the 4 1844 being 12 years & 7 mo & 18 days.
    3. William Cochran was born Aug the 19 in the year of our Lord 1834. He departed this life July the 30, 1840 being 5 years, 11 mo & 13 days.
    4. Austin Elisha Cochran was born Jan the 31 in the year of our Lord 1837. He departed this life June the 12 1840 being 3 years & 9 mo & 18 d old.
    5. James Henry Cochran was born Feb the 1st in the year of our Lord 1839. He died May 19th AD 1882 aged 43 years 3 mo 19 days, at Corning, NY. Believed to be buried in Corning, NY.
    6. Lucius E. Cochran was born June the 12 1841 in the year of our Lord.
    7. L. E. Cochran left Middleburg to return to Youngstown and work as a bookkeeper for his cousin, Chauncey Andrews at the Andrews & Hitchcock Company. Chauncey was the son of Nancy Humason Cochran's sister. Lucius E. and [Mary Isabella] "Bell" Brownlee were married Jan. 9, 1868. Both are buried in Youngstown, OH.

    8. Emma Ann Cochran was born July the 9 in the year of our Lord 1843.
    9. Emma Cochran and James Raley were married Sept. 6, 1868. Both are buried in the Middleburg Cemetary. They lived on the Sharp Farm, in the house built for them by Lucius E. Cochran. The house still stands today, on Twp. Rd. 152.

    10. Hellen Lavilla Cochran was born Nov the 19 in the year of our Lord 1845.
    11. She married Levi Euans [born 1831] and unto them 3 daughters were born:

      1. Sadie Emma Euans was born 1st day of March 1880, daughter of Levi and Lavilla Cochran Euans.
      2. Nellie May Euans was born 8th day of February 1882.
      3. Rachel Anna Euans was born 21st day of July 1885.

      Died - Levi Euans, husband of Lavilla Euans died September the 11 in the year 1888. Lavilla Cochran Euans died in 1924. Both are buried in the Middleburg Cemetary.

    12. George Washington Cochran was born April the 21 in the year of our Lord 1848.
    13. Died July 1, 1932. Buried in the Middleburg Cemetary next to his wife, Maria.

    14. Mary Elisa Cochran Heath was born March the 1st in the year of our Lord 1851.
    15. Married Austin Elisha Heath on March 23, 1875. Unto them 7 children were born. Buried in the Middleburg Cemetary, she with the Cochran's and he with the Heath's [near the tool shed].

    16. William Edgar Cochran was born Sept the 21 in the year of our Lord 1853. He departed this life Feb the 25 1857 being 3 years & 5 mo & 4 days.
    Other entries include:
    • Phebe Cochran, mother of Robert Cochran, died Sept 21st 1868.
    • Robert Bruce Cochran, grandchild of L. E. and Mary Isabella Brownlee Cochran, died April 18, 1900, aged 31 years 3 mo & 10 days.
    • Robert and Nancy Humason Cochran died Dec 4th 1891, within an hour and 20 minutes of each other. He was 85 years 8 mo & 6 days and she was 84 years 2 mo & 23 days. Both are buried in the Middleburg Cemetary.

  • A celebration for Mrs. Catherine Heath, wife of Daniel and mother of Elisha A. Heath.
  • Elisha Austin Heath, Father of Grace Heath Butler, Austin, George, Bruce, and Elmer Heath
  • Mary Cochran Heath, Wife of Elisha Austin Heath. Transcription of the "Family Record" from her Bible.
  • Mrs. Emma Heath Foster, Sister of Elisha Austin Heath
  • James Raley's  54th Birthday Celebration, a gathering of friends and Civil War veterans
  • Mr. & Mrs. James A. Raley, Civil War Veteran and his wife, "Aunt Emmy" Cochran Raley
  • Wedding Announcement of Grace Heath to Henry Audobon Butler [October 1900]
  • Mr. & Mrs. Chauncey Andrews Cochran killed Sunday, January 11, 1948 in tragic auto accident
Antrim & Milledge Families

Euans Family
  • Moses Euans, Pioneer Settler in Zane Township
  • Levi and Lavilla Cochran Euans, see child #8 under Robert & Nancy Cochran, above.
Assorted Photos
  • Family Photos, images from the private collection of Ronnie Heath

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