Editor's Note: In the Heath/Antrim archives of information, we have many postcards and letters that were sent to Middleburg from various parts of the world between 1907 -1980. We are in the process of sorting and scanning these for uploading to the site.


To Irma Antrim, Middleburg, Ohio

Ripley, Ohio
November 16, 1907
Past this place. Sat Nov 16 1907
[illegible word] x R.R.
on earth.


Handwritten on card front
This is West Main Street
To Mrs. Irma Heath
Middleburg Logan Co Ohio

Greenwich, O
April 21, 1911

My dear Irma
I was glad to get your letter. we all came here to
spend Easter. Louise went to Columbus a few
days. I did not get back with the girls will go next
week and stay till school is out. I want to come to
M. this summer if I can. I wish you could come
and visit us. This is all with love,

To Elmer O. Heath
Middleburg, Ohio.
July 23, 1912

Dear Mr. Heath:-
Replying further to your request for bulletins
I beg to say that the same have been sent to yo
and should reach you within a few days. If they
do not let me know. With reference to your
request for information regarding the use of lime
stone as a fertelizer I have sent the request to the
Department of Agriculture together with the
personal request that if the government has any
bulletins of any kind on this subject available for
distribution that the same be forwarded to your address.
Trusting that the Department may be able to furnish
you desired information, I am

Very truly yours,

Frank B. Willis
8th District, Ohio


Note: Irma & Elmer Heath, by all accounts, were
devout members of the Middleburg Church of Christ
and highly Fundamental. Card playing around the
Heath house was not permitted, but Irma did have a
sense of fun and loved to play a game of Finch ©
whenever possible. From the tone of this card, it
seems that Finch was a popular pastime in town.
To Mrs. Irma Heath
Middleburg Logan Co Ohio

Phoenix, AZ

To our Flinch Club Members
Hello Friends - we are having a nice time.
We went on a 349 mi. trip to Flagstaff, Ariz.
Tues. took pictures - sure a nice trip. We are
still having 115 deg. temp. Hasn't rained for
103 days. The houses and cars are all air
cond. Its baking hot. We're OK. Hope to get
back home 26th. We are going to Carmel
back to Mt. [illegible].
Be seeing ye, Hazel

To Mrs. Elmer O. Heath
Middleburg, Ohio
Box 127

Fri. eve, May 17, 1952

Dear Mom,
We got an address today. Here is mine:

Ronald H. Heath
S.R. 572 1824
C.O. 219141
Bilding 1404 W. Upper
USN&C Great Lakes, Ill.
I sent my clothes home today. I suppose Dad
has got that house almost done by now. In the
next day or so we move to another part
of camp and start training. I stand watch tonight.
Love, Ronnie

To Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Heath and family
Middleburg Logan Co Ohio

Poland, Ohio
Nov. 6, 1952

This is Florence, the most beautiful
city - in Italy. The Cathedral most interesting
with the bell tower built separated from the Church
We got home last week, after a wonderful
trip all safe and well. Joe and D. + children too.
Yesterday was a gala day - met Eisenhower + a
cable from Happy saying she has a baby girl.
Love, Sister Grace

To Ronnie Heath
Middleburg Logan Co Ohio

Bardstown, KY
Aug 12, 1953

Saw this old man today & My Old Kentucky
Home. Saw the desk where Stephen Foster
the song & also saw Lincoln's first home
& second home. We are just out of
Nashville tonight
Mom & Dad



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