Editor's Note: According to a recollection by Elmer O. Heath, grandson of Robert & Nancy Cochran, and a lad of about 4 years old at the time, the town of Middleburg was stunned by the double passing of these two pioneer citizens.

The statement of "The funeral on Sunday was largely attended." really does not convey the magnitude of the event.

If one stood in the middle of town during the funeral procession, one could see an assembly of carriages that stretched from the town center until well into the Middleburg cemetary. For those of you unfamiliar with the town layout, that's a distance of about a mile over a rolling country road. Literally everyone in Middleburg attended the sad event.

Never before or since has an assembly of mourners turned out.

Robert & Nancy Cochran Obituary-approximately 1891

And in Death they Were Not Divided

The Echoes of the Tolling Bell has Scarcely Ceased
When the Sexton was Told to Toll It Again.

Death of the Pioneers, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cochran

Four years ago, with more than a hundred others, we had the pleasure of attending the celebration of the sixtieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cochran, a very worthy couple of Zane township.

Last Friday, within one hour and twenty minutes of each other, this venerable couple who had journeyed so long and so happily together down the vale of life, passed over to the other shore, never to be separated more. Mr. Cochran took a fall a week or so before and injured his back.

His aged companion, in endeavoring to care for him, seems to have overexerted her strength, and she was taken down and lay in a comatose condition. Friday, they passed peacefully away within an hour and twenty minutes of each other - Mrs. Cochran dying at 10:20 and Uncle Robert at 11:40. They had expressed a wish that they might go together, and their prayer was granted. How happy their death, after such an eventful life! Neither left to loneliness or sorrow. The parting but for an hour and the reunion for eternity! The funeral on Sunday was largely attended.

Mr. Robert Cochran was born in Pittsburg, Pa, June 28, 1806 and Mrs. Nancy Humison Cochran was born at Vienna, Trumbull County, September 11, 1807. They were married September 30, 1827 at Vienna and moved to Delaware County in 1832 and to Logan County in 1842.

They had 11 children born to them, 6 of whom are still living. They celebrated their 60th anniversary in the home in which they died, which was the oldest house on the oldest farm in Logan County. They were respeced and beloved by their neighbors, who comforted their declining days and carried them to their last resting place with loving and tender hands.

Burial was made at the Middleburg Cemetary.

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