Editor's note: This clipping is taken from the notebooks of Mary Cochran Heath. As you can see from the image, the left edge of the clipping is tattered and several words are missing. I've deciphered what I can - see my changes in brackets. When I couldn't figure out the missing words, I've indicated so with an ellipsis.

Joseph C. Heath is buried in the Middleburg Cemetary, across the road from Daniel and Catherine Heath.

Mrs. Daniel [Catherine] Heath Celebration
Undated; but prior to 1905.

[For the past few] weeks Mrs. Catherine [Heath has] been an invalid. During [this] time she has been very sick; [and] so her life was despaired of. [Mr.] Elisha Heath, of Tennessee, [came] for to se her perhaps for the [last] time. Her other children are living [unreadable word]. When Elisha came home, he [test]ified to find his mother very [much bet]ter and on the road to recovery. [When it came] near the time for his return to Tennessee, a reunion of the family[...]at Wm. Vanica's home, where [Catherine] has been during her illness, Union Chapel. Her two sons Joseph C. and Elisha, their wives and children, [Mrs.] Emma Fostor and Mrs. Libby [Van]ica, her two daughters and their [husband]s, Mr. Abraham Fostor and Mr. [Wm.]Vanica and children were all present. [This] included the entire family of [...] and grandchildren, excepting [...] children. A bountiful dinner [...]als with many good things [including] ice cream & c. Partaking of [...], all felt thankful and rejoiced [that their] good mother and grandmother [could] be with them at the table. [The event was] one of enjoyment indeed, [and was] truly a fit occasion for a [...] social enjoyment.

[Seve]n grandchildren present filled [...] themselves, forming an inter[...] which the good grandmother could [onl]y be proud of.

[Elisha Heath] will return to his home in the [South at] once, while his family will fol[low and join him] in a short time.

[...]ire of all was for more such re[...] being spared to again partic[ipate].

           Joseph C. Heath

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